Components manufactured for aerospace have demanding requirements. Elgiloy processes many specialty metals alloys in precision strip and wire form in accordance with AMS, ASTM and customer-specific specifications.   Our strip products are available down to .0008″ in over 75 alloys for aero and space applications.  Our certifications include Rolls Royce, GE, P & W, Mitsubishi, and more.  We understand the needs of the aerospace manufacturer and through our in-house lab and testing provide the assurances you need that your material is to spec and ready for flight.

Some of the  high-temperature nickel and cobalt alloys processed by Elgiloy are widely used (but not limited to) in the manufacture of the applications shown below.

All materials come with a Certificate of Compliance for complete traceability.

Please refer to our alloy listing for a complete list of alloys.


Specialty Alloys for Aerospace
Elgiloy Strip and Wire for Rockets


  • Turbine Engine Parts
  • Structural Honeycomb
  • Combustor Vanes
  • Bellows
  • Space Tethers
  • Inserts
  • Air Frame Exhaust Components
  • Stamped Parts

For more information on all our specialty metals, contact us directly.  View our Aerospace Wire Applications and Alloys Here