Components manufactured for aerospace are very specific depending on the application. Elgiloy processes many of these specialty alloys in precision strip and wire form in accordance with AMS, ASTM and customer-specific specifications.   Our strip products are available down to .0008″ in over 60 alloys for aero and space applications.  Our certifications include Rolls Royce, GE, P & W, Mitsubishi, and more.  We understand the needs of the aerospace manufacturer and through our inhouse lab and testing provide the assurances you need that your material is to spec and ready for flight.

Some of the  high-temperature nickel and cobalt alloys processed by Elgiloy are widely used (but not limited to) in the manufacture of the applications shown below.

All materials come with a Certificate of Compliance for complete traceability.

Please refer to our alloy listing for a complete list of alloys.


Specialty Alloys for Aerospace
Elgiloy Strip and Wire for Rockets


  • Turbine Engine Parts
  • Structural Honeycomb
  • Combustor Vanes
  • Bellows
  • Space Tethers
  • Inserts
  • Air Frame Exhaust Components
  • Stamped Parts

For more information on all our specialty metals, contact us directly.  View our Aerospace Wire Applications and Alloys Here