Cardiac Pacemaker

Titanium Grade 1 & Titanium Grade 2 for Use in Pacemakers 

Biocompatible materials are widely used in critical medical implants where high corrosion resistance, strong adhesion capabilities and low toxicity requirements are necessary. Ti GR 1 and Ti GR 2 are both commercially pure Titanium, offering the highest level of biocompatibility for many medical implant device applications. Both alloys offer the most ductility for forming in both the Titanium and Titanium alloy families.  

What part of the Pacemaker uses Ti Grade 1 & Ti Grade 2? 

Cardiac pacemakers are subject to a highly corrosive body environment and require a hermetically sealed protective casing to prevent moisture and caustic substances from reaching and damaging the internal components. Due to its mechanical properties, these corrosion resistant alloys prove to be an excellent choice when used in external can shells and internal battery can shells. In fact, these alloys are often used for similar purposes in neurostimulation, defibrillators, and drug infusion pumps. 

Elgiloy Ti 1 & Ti 2 for pacemakers

For Mission-Critical Success, Choose Elgiloy Specialty Metals. 

Elgiloy uses the cleanest, highest purity titanium available. We roll to your requirements and specifications. We offer: 

  • Tight thickness tolerance control (thickness range from .005” to .020”) 
  • Excellent surface condition and cosmetic appearance 
  • Consistent, repeatable production lots 
  • Small R&D to large production lots 
  • In-house lab for testing and quality control 


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