About Elgiloy Specialty Metals

About Elgiloy Specialty Metals

Elgiloy Specialty Metals is a worldwide supplier of high-performance nickel cobalt, titanium, and specialty alloy precision strip and wire products for mission-critical applications.   As a member of the Combined Metals family of companies, we offer a network of precision flat rolling mills, wire drawing, and precision slitting.  We offer a wide selection of over 75 alloys in both precision strip and wire including Elgiloy® alloy, our namesake.

Our ability to process high performance alloys is supported by our extensive accreditations and approvals by the most stringent agencies and manufacturers.  The metals we process are used in applications where failure is not an option.  Our metals, under high pressure and temperatures launch into space, withstand the corrosiveness of the oceans, and help to hold open the arteries in the hearts of the people we love.

We understand mission critical and have developed the processes and team to ensure your products meet specification every time.

Our History

Following World War II, returning servicemen complained that their Elgin watches couldn’t take the punishment of corrosive environmental situations in various theaters of war. The Elgin National Watch Company, predecessor to today’s Elgiloy Specialty Metals, took those complaints to heart. After four years of research, “Elgiloy Alloy”, a non-corroding watch spring material with an infinite life span was born.

This cobalt alloy with excellent corrosion, high strength and temperature properties was soon recognized for applications in aerospace, petrochemical applications and medical devices. As markets expanded, facilities were added to keep up with the demand for more wire and strip. Additionally, other cobalt and nickel alloys were added to the Elgiloy products. Today, Elgiloy processes more than 50 high-performance alloys used for Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Consumer, Defense, Electronics, Medical, Oil/Gas, and Power Generation including Alternative Energy and Nuclear applications.

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