Supplier Quality Clauses

Supplier Quality Clauses

External Provider Quality Requirements (ES600000)

CMC/ESM-C-QA-P-0176 REV. 0 01-08-2021


All of the following terms and conditions must be met for each order, if applicable, unless otherwise stated on the Purchase Order.

1. The External Provider is required to maintain a quality control program that is consistent with scope of services provided to ESM, which typically complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, AS9100, or ISO 17025.

2. Furnish the product in accordance with the specification and current revision per Purchase Order. Material certifications must accompany shipment.

3. The External Provider, or third party, agrees that it will use all designs, tools, patterns, drawings, specifications, other information, and equipment per Purchase Order. Disclosure of the proprietary data to any party outside of this agreement is prohibited except where such data is required for performance under this Purchase Order. If disclosure is required for performance under this Purchase Order, it is the obligation of the External Provider to invoke the limitations herein for all sub-tier agreements.

4. The External Provider is responsible for all inspections and testing required by this order. All order, manufacturing, inspection, and testing records must be retained on file for a minimum of ten (10) years and made available to Elgiloy Specialty Metals, its Customer, Government and/or regulatory agency upon request. Records shall be dispositioned based on the External Provider’s QMS.

a. Inspection and test results for orders identified as Nuclear end use shall be retained indefinitely.
b. Inspection and test results for orders requiring Rolls Royce 9000:SABRe must be retained for the life of the engine part.

5. The External Provider does not have the authority to furnish materials or services that are not in full compliance with this order. All nonconformances will be reported to Elgiloy Specialty Metals by the end of the following business day for assessment and/or reporting to Customer, Government, or other regulatory agency.

6. Shipment of nonconforming product must be approved by Elgiloy Specialty Metals in writing and notated on any certifications shipping with the product.

7. If any material received in whole or part is deemed rejectable by:

a. Error in certification;
b. Independent lab report (chemistry, physical or other properties);
c. Dimensional requirements;
d. Visual defects;

The External Provider will be responsible for replacement labor and freight incurred by Elgiloy Specialty Metals. Should the External Provider not comply with these requirements, Elgiloy Specialty Metals reserves the right to cancel this order in its entirety without any associated cost to Elgiloy Specialty Metals. Arrangements will be made for Elgiloy Specialty Metals to approve nonconforming material, if applicable.

8. The External Provider shall notify ESM of significant changes in product or process, changes in External Providers, and changes in manufacturing facility locations; where required, ESM approval shall be obtained by the External Provider.

9. Access to External Provider’s facilities: ESM, our customers, the government and/or associated regulatory agencies reserve the right to visit the External Provider’s facilities for full and complete access/audit of products, processes and manufacturing, inspection and test records related to this order.

10. When outsourcing is necessary, the External Provider will flow down all requirements on this Purchase Order to any sub-tier External Provider, including any key characteristics where required.

11. Original Mill Certifications, including all actual chemistry and mechanical properties, must also be furnished.

12. The name and title of authorized personnel must be typed or printed clearly with the signature on each certification.

13. Material must be positively identified and traceable.

14. Shipment will not be accepted unless the packing slip and all certifications and data required herein are furnished with the shipment.

15. The recording of false, fictitious or fraudulent entries on documents may be punished as a felony under Federal Statutes, including Federal Law title 18, Chapter 47.

16. Attention Accounts Payable: Materials and certifications listed herein must be approved by Quality Assurance or designee prior to payment.

17. Mercury free certification is required and must state that materials furnished in fulfillment of this order have not been in contact with or exposed to mercury containing materials/devices in any form.

18. Process/material test samples/panels are required to be furnished with shipments on this order and must be marked traceable in accordance with all governing specifications and requirements of this order.

19. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required to be furnished with this shipment.

20. Material furnished with this order must be packaged to prevent damage or deterioration during transit. Good commercial practices are acceptable provided protection is assured. Environmentally friendly packing, packaging, and marking materials are recommended.

21. Raw material suppliers shall provide material free of conflict materials.

22. Extra material shipped with this order that is not specified in the order or its amendments will be at no charge to ESM.

23. Material furnished with this order must be melted in a qualifying country per DFARS clause 252.225-7009 unless otherwise stated on the Purchase Order. Melt source, country of origin, and statement stating that material meets DFARS clause 252.225-7009 must appear on the certificate, unless otherwise stated on the Purchase Order.

24. External Providers shall plan, implement, and control processes, as appropriate to the organization and product, for the prevention of counterfeit or suspect counterfeit part use and their inclusion in the product(s) delivered to Elgiloy.

25. External Providers shall ensure their personnel are aware of their contributions to product / service conformity and safety, as well as the importance of ethical behavior.