Quality Statement

Quality Statement

Quality Overview

Elgiloy Specialty Metals (ESM) strives to stay competitive by understanding our customers’ needs, constantly innovating our processes, and continually improving our ability to deliver the quality products our customers demand.

The hallmark of ESM’s successes include consistently accommodating our customers’ requests, and dedication to continual improvement of our product and processes.  ESM accomplishes these successes by investigating and implementing new tools and technologies, and employing and empowering exceptional people.

To ensure that ESM remains competitive in a global economy, we persistently work to eliminate process inefficiencies and product defects.  ESM implements tools directed towards defect prevention, such as statistical process control and variability reduction, error proofing, and visual controls.  ESM recognizes the need for sophisticated expertise, and continues to invest in the future by staying current with the latest industry technologies.  ESM’s ultimate tool in our efforts for continual improvement is empowerment of our people with ownership of the processes they employ, and ensuring access to the tools and training required for their success.

Quality Policy

Combined Metals is committed to meet our customers’ expectations through continual improvement in the production and on-time delivery of the highest quality engineered materials.  (Rev. 1)

Jeff Simons

President, Combined Metals Company