COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

To Our Valued Customers;

As the novel COVID-19 virus continues to impact everyone’s lives, the Elgiloy family is taking unprecedented measures to help control its spread. We have implemented very specific procedures for cleaning office spaces and common areas, machine controls, lunchrooms and bathrooms. Our janitorial agency is in daily contact with our Safety Director on their recommendations for further curtailment. At this time, we have suspended all travel and walk-in traffic. Visitors, who meet the requirements of our questionnaire and who have been approved by the divisional manager, are still permitted entry. We have established teleconferencing for sales, management and others as needed to ensure no delays in customer service or business continuity.

We have implemented a work from home policy to reduce contact with others. We have specific procedures in place in the event that an employee has symptoms or test positive for the virus. We take our employees’ health very seriously and we are sparing no cost in dealing with this pandemic.

Our Suppliers: Elgiloy purchases the majority of its raw material from domestic suppliers. At this time, they are reporting no issues with supply. Some elements that make up the chemistry of the different grades is purchased from around the world. They are reporting they have adequate supply through September and do not anticipate a shortage.

Finished Goods: For the foreseeable future we have increased our stocking levels to deal with any impacts from suppliers, labor or an increase in demand.

Transportation: We are working closely with our freight forwarders to ensure we have uninterrupted service. We will continue to monitor this closely. Transportation is one area of concern and may lead to delays and higher rates.

Labor Force: Elgiloy has five divisions most with overlapping capabilities. There has been well-defined cross-training to ensure business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or in this case, a pandemic. We will move material or personnel around as needed to maintain operations.

Elgiloy is committed to its employees, stakeholders and most importantly our customers. Of utmost importance to us is you and your family. We are all deeply concerned about the current state of the pandemic. It affects lives in so many ways, but with us all working together we will get through this and be stronger for it.

As new information becomes available, we will update you through email, direct calling and social media.


Jim Darrow

President CMC / Elgiloy / ESM