Size Range    
Precision rolling Gauge:   .0008” to .100”  (0.02mm to 2.5mm)  Annealed
  Gauge:    .0008” to   .062” (0.02mm to 1.57mm)  Tempered
  Width:     7.00” to 15.00”    (177mm to 381MM)    
Precision Slitting Gauge:    .0008” to .100” (0.012mm to 2.5mm)   
  Width:    .020” to 15.00”  (0.50mm to 381mm)  
Edge Finishing     Number    1 Round 4 Rounded Edges  
  Number    3 As Slit 5 Deburred  
Surface Finishes Elgiloy is capable of producing various strip finishes.  

Applicable specifications


Coils, Pancakes, Spools